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How to Change Your Negative Mindset

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Exercise to Change Your Negative Mindset to Positive

If you are anything like me, you struggle with an inner mean girl. You have big hopes and dreams but somehow talk yourself out of them. Starting at a young age we begin to listen to that inner mean girl, resulting in a negative mindset the majority of the time. Negative mindsets are easier to fall into than a positive one. Shifting your mindset can be difficult, especially if you’ve been listening to that mean girl the majority of your life. Last year, I found a practice to change your negative mindset.

What is the cause of your negative mindset?

First, we have to identify what is causing your negative mindset. Where did it come from? To do this you need to list out the results, action, and self-image. Let me break it down for ya.

Results – Make a list of negative results.

Examples: Stressed with finances. Unhealthy lifestyle. Not socializing.

Action – What actions caused or may have caused those results?

Examples: Job change. Overeating or not taking care of oneself. Not reaching out to others.

Self-image – What do those things do to your self-image? How do they make you feel?

Examples: I don’t manage money well. Zero confidence. I don’t have friends.

Results, action, and self-image is a continuous cycle that everyone deals with. The good news is that you can change the negative cycle to a positive one. It just takes some work. Once you have identified where negativity is coming from you will move onto this next practice.

Practice to change your negative mindset

Examine one negative self-image about yourself. If you look at the rectangle below you will see the words, think, act, feel, and results. What you think about yourself, determines how you act. How you act determines how you feel. How you feel determines your life results.

The negative self-image that we are breaking down in the box is, “I can’t make a difference”

I think I can’t make a difference because I’m not smart enough. Because I think I’m not smart I don’t want to try. I’m not trying so I feel unaccomplished. Because I feel unaccomplished I’m not fulfilling my life purpose.

What if I told you that you could take this box and flip it into a positive mindset? Take the negative thought, “I can’t make a difference” and turn it into a positive “I can make a difference”. I think I am smart. Because I’m smart I find new resources and start to take risks. The risks make me feel uncomfortable. If I push through the uncomfortableness I will begin impacting others and feeling fulfilled.

Something to note about the “FEEL” section of the positive rectangle. Because you are now thinking positively and outside your comfort box, you will feel anxious, uncomfortable, embarrassed, etc. Identifying those feelings before you have them, will help you push through them and get to your results. The more you practice this you will begin to see that you can apply it to any part of your life. Business, family, friends, etc.


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