DIY Spa Day

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Relax with a Spa Day at Home

Raise your hand if you miss going to the nail salon or getting a massage. I know I do. Going to the spa is my ideal way of relaxing and getting my mind off of everything going on. Since we can’t go to the spa right now, I thought I would share what you need to have a DIY spa day at home.

Imagine walking into your bedroom/bathroom with the smell of essential oils and relaxing music playing. You can soak in an Epsom salt bath or have your feet/shoulders massaged. When it’s done, you climb into bed and have the best night’s sleep. Below is everything you need to make the scenario above a reality.


Is it just me, or does getting a manicure and pedicure make you feel amazing? I love getting my nails done. Especially the foot scrub and hand massage. Luckily, you can buy everything you need to give yourself a manicure and pedicure at home.

Start with this manicure set. It has 12 tools to give you a professional manicure. There are clippers, nail filers, cuticle tools, and more. Once you’ve trimmed and shaped your nails, top them off with some gel nail polish. Essie gel nail polish does not need a lamp, but others do. You can snag a UV light on Amazon for under $50.

For a pedicure, start with a footbathI like to put essential oils in the water. After your feet have soaked, use sea salt scrub followed by a foot smoother. This foot smoother is electric and easily removes the dead skin from your feet. Then paint your toenails and enjoy your night!

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I love a good massage. I carry my stress in my shoulders and neck so a massage is a perfect way to help me relax. Dim the lights and get your diffuser going.

If you live alone, or your spouse/roommate doesn’t like to give massages, don’t worry! There is a solution. This neck and back massager is AMAZING! You can control the pressure and there is a heat option. When I’m super stressed I will use the neck and back massager plus THIS foot massager (includes heat massage). This is the ultimate relaxation time.

For a real spa massage experience, you and your partner can watch “how-to” massage videos on Youtube. Grab some lavender massage oil, turn on relaxing music, and drift into a stress-free zone.

Put a cherry on top and use hot stones. You can also use these when you give yourself a pedicure.


Don’t have time to do your nails or a massage? Take a relaxing bath and the end of the day. Dim the lights, burn some candles or turn on your diffuser. Then soak in a hot bubble bath. I love using the eucalyptus spearmint foaming bath. After your bath, give yourself a body scrub and crawl into bed with a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

I hope you found some ways to relax at home! If you have any more DIY  spa ideas, comment on them below!


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