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Family Game Nights

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Family Game Night Ideas10 Games You can Play as a Family

With all the craziness going on, I thought I would share some of my personal favorite and highly rated family game night ideas. Family game nights are a fun way for everyone to come together, disconnect from technology and spend quality time together. Time will pass quickly and memories will be made.

All these games can be found on Amazon Prime and will be delivered straight to your door. No need to leave the house!

Family Games

  1. Jenga – Great classic game that is perfect for all ages. It also comes in a large backyard set.
  2. Sequence – This has amazing reviews. Easy enough for kiddos and challenging for adults. You can play as a team or individuals.
  3. 5 Second Rule – Just like the Ellen game! You select a card with a topic and have to name 3 things on that topic within 5 seconds. Super fun!
  4. UNO – Hands down my favorite game. I remember playing this for family game nights all the time. Perfect for all ages.
  5. Guesstures – This game is so much fun and brings out the competitiveness in everyone. There are three different difficulty levels to act out. You will be laughing all night.
  6. Telestrations  – It’s like the phone game but with sketches. You pick a card that has says things like, “Doggie bag”, “Funny Bone” etc. Then sketch that on paper, pass the paper to the next team, they write what they think the sketch is. You go around the circle until you are back to the original players. Telestrations is one of the funniest games I’ve ever played. It also comes in an adult version.
  7. Catchphrase – Competitiveness at it’s finest. A team game that puts on the pressure. Describe words and have your team guess it. Beat the timer!
  8. Our Moments – 100 thought-provoking conversation starters. They have a kid, family, and relationship version.

Adult Games

  1. What do you Meme? – This game is for teens and up. Great for roommates and friends to play. Similar to apples to apples, you have a card with a saying and then everyone puts a card with a picture to match the saying. There is an after-dark version too.
  2. Cards Against Humanity – Again, a game for adults but extremely entertaining to play. You’ll be laughing all night long.

I hope you find these games fun and useful. Family game nights were my favorite growing up and I think it’s important for families to continue them. Comment below with some of your favorite games.

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  1. Deborah Kos says

    Our favorite family game is Uno or Scrabble. I would like to try Jenga but the others are not thrilled with it. Family game night is so much fun especially when I make a special dessert for game night.

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