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6 Home Gym Essentials

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6 home gym essentials for your basic home gym.

Must-have Home Gym Equipment

Have you ever set the New Year goal to get fit? Have you actually achieved it? If you have, then power to you! If you have not, welcome to the club. Signing up for a gym membership is expensive and a big long commitment.

You constantly battle with, “Should I go before or after work?” “When the kids are at school or when your spouse gets home?” You feel like you don’t have the time but you don’t want to waste that money every month. 

What if I told you, you don’t have to have a gym membership to get fit and healthy. With the right workout program and a few home gym essentials you will be on your way to losing those pounds and getting fit and toned. You will also be more likely to work out at home because you don’t have to drive to the gym. 

Some pieces of equipment are a little on the pricey side but remember it’s a one time cost, compared to $25-$50 a month for a gym membership. 

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Home Gym Must-haves

Set of Dumbells – Dumbells are a must when it comes to a home gym. They are great for strength and resistance training. You don’t have to have a heavy set to get a good workout.  I started out using only 5 pounds dumbells and worked my way up to 4 pairs. I recommend this set because you get 3 pairs. But if you only want one pair, I recommend these.

Set of Resistance Bands – I use my resistance bands every day as well. There are some moves that are easier to do with resistance bands and they work your muscles in ways that dumbells cannot. You can also add them to your dumbells for a heavier lift.

There are two types of resistance bands. The ones that clip to handles or together. Or continuous loops. I use the ones that clip together but you can do more workouts with the continuous loops. To see tutorials and exercises that use the loops check out Alexia Clark’s Instagram

Mini Resistance Bands – These are great for squats, thrusts, and shoulder burnouts. I use them to make simple exercises a little more challenging.

Yoga Mat – A yoga mat or exercise mat is so important for home workouts. The mat provides a cushion for your body and joints. I love this mat because there is a line down the middle that helps you stabilize your body and be mindful of your form. 

Kettlebell – Kettlebells are a great way to add heavier weight to your exercise routine. I have a 20 pound that I use it for squats, kettlebell swings, upright rows, and stiff leg deadlifts. You can use dumbbells for all of the above, but I personally think a kettlebell adds more of a challenge and allows me to go heavier. 

Foam Roller – Foam rolling after your workout or on your rest day helps with muscle recovery and flexibility. It hurts in a good way and you will feel amazing afterward. When my legs are achy I will roll them out of about 5 minutes to get the blood flowing. 

Additional Equipment

Above is the must-have gym equipment. But if you are wanting to push yourself and add a little more challenge to your workout routine, I recommend the following equipment. 

Escape Fitness Bench – This fitness bench has 16 different adjustments. You can use it for plyometrics, step-ups, and strength training. 

Exercise Ball – I love my exercise ball. You can get in a great stretch, workout your core, and improve your stability. 

Sliders  – Sliders are a great way to make common exercise more challenging. Adding them to mountain climbers and lunges give you an extra burn. They are also great for core strengthening.

Jump Rope – Jump roping burns so many calories and is a great HIIT workout! 

I hope this list has helped you! Comment below what gym equipment is your favorite!





  1. Crystal says

    I LOVE the foam rollers and resistance bands. But I’ve definitely been a little too lazy with these home gym ideas… and maybe they’re collecting dust a little bit… Oops. I should get back on my gym routine. These are great things to stow in the room!

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