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Meet Elaina

Meet Elaina, the creator, and editor of

Hello Beautiful!

Firstly, I’m a Texas girl and wife to my husband Chris. Secondly, I love investing in people, developing leaders, and cheering women on as they pursue their dreams. Thirdly, I’m obsessed with dogs, food, and watching trashy reality TV.



My Background…

Professionally: Since I was 19, I have worked for a company that invests heavily in people. I moved into a leadership role, learned the ins and outs of running a multi-million dollar company, and was developing leaders under me. My greatest professional accomplishment is knowing that I have played a part in encouraging, developing, and providing tangible tools for someone to pursue their dreams and unlock their full potential.

Personally: I am an introvert who loves people. Currently, I am married to my husband Chris, who is a football coach, and we have 2 dogs,  Maya, and Penny.  In the past, I have struggled with confidence, identity, and not feeling fulfilled as a wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I spent a lot of time praying, seeking mentorship, and personal development, As a result, I can now say I love who I am. I have embraced my awkward personality, do my best to find the blessings and joy in every day, and am trying new things.

What is Elainafaye?

Elainafaye is your one-stop shop for women like YOU! Here you will find everything you need if YOU…

…are an entrepreneur looking for tangible business tools, branding, or social media strategies.

… a leader looking for tools to grow and influence your team.

…want to start a blog, side hustle, become an influencer, etc.

…desire for personal growth, want to build your confidence and unlock your potential.

… want lifestyle tips and tricks for everyday life.


We as women, cannot achieve our dreams and personally grow without the support of each other. When we share our passions and dreams, we can find accountability and mentorship to pursue them. A Facebook group will be coming soon. Until then, follow me on Instagram or “like” me on Facebook. Or you can click HERE so we can be e-mail pen pals! I can’t wait to hear from you



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