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My Morning Routine

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Morning routine to set your day up for success.

Why You Should Have a Morning Routine

I used to never have a morning routine because I love to sleep and didn’t understand why it was important to have one. I would wake up 45 minutes before I had to leave for work, rush to get ready, drink my coffee, and then rush to work. One day, I was listening to The Rise Podcast and Rachel Hollis was talking about starting your day on offense instead of defense and how you need to be intentional about your morning routine. I tried it out and boy was she right.

A morning routine helps you start your day with intention and not stress. Your morning sets the tone for how your day is going to go. So why would you not make your morning sacred?

Wake Up and Read

6:00 AM – Wake Up

Waking up is difficult for me because I love to sleep. I can push snooze for an hour so I bought THIS alarm clock on Amazon to help me. This alarm clock has a light on it that turns on 30 minutes before your alarm is supposed to go off. It slowly gets brighter and brighter over the 30 minutes and then nature sounds start playing. It helps wake you up naturally and it truly works.

6:10 AM – Brew coffee, drink a glass of water, feed the dogs, and ice roll.

6:15 AM – Grab my coffee, sit in my comfy chair, and write in my morning journalread my devotional, Switch on your Brain, and then read 5 chapters in my Bible.

In my morning journal, I write 5 things of gratitude from the previous day, 10 desires of my heart, and what goal I’m going to achieve for the day.

Writing gratitude reminds me that I have joy in my life no matter if the day was good or bad. It also helps me look for things to be grateful for in the current day.

Writing the 10 desires of my heart reminds me of what kind of life I want to live and then throughout the day I ask myself, “Is this helping me get closer to those things?”. Then the goal for the day ensures that I get one step closer to achieving one of my goals.


6:45 AM – I workout for 30-45 minutes. Working out in the mornings wakes your body up and gets your endorphins pumping. I have noticed that the mornings I skip my workout I am groggy the rest of the day and less active.

If you need help finding a workout program that works well for you, check out THIS POST. It’s a list of all the workout programs I have personally tried and love!

Get Ready and Go

7:30 AM – Rinse off and make my bed.

7:45 AM – Make and drink my breakfast smoothie while doing my makeup. Take my vitamins and liquid collagen.

8:00 AM –  Plan out my day in my priority planner. This planner breaks down your day, week, and month. It asks questions and prompts you to be intentional about your day and make sure you prioritize your day to meet your goals. Whether it’s business goals, personal growth, or family time.

8:30 AM – Leave for work!

Let me know if this helps you get inspired and create your own morning routine!




  1. Waneta Bontrager says

    I love this morning routine. I do some of those things but probably don’t do the most important ones. Which is reading the bible & writing in a journal. Yes I agree working out in the morning sure makes the day go better. I have done the sweat program, & I hope to do it again real soon.

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