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Benefits of Personality Tests

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A list of personality tests that will help you as a leader and boss babe in your business. How these personality tests can improve your personal relationships.

Benefits of Personality Tests

We all have heard of personality tests and have probably taken one or two in our lifetime. They are fun tests that give us a glimpse of who we are and how we operate. Have you ever thought of the benefits of personality tests and how they can impact different areas of your life?

According to BBC, in the US alone there are 2,500 personality tests. That’s insane to me! Luckily, you don’t have to take a ton to use the information as a tool to improve your personal and professional life.

Better Understand Your Team

Personality tests can help you as a CEO, boss, or leader understand your team and how to utilize them best.

I have worked at a multi-million dollar business for 9+ years with over 100 employees. About 25% of employees are leaders. With multiple leaders comes multiple personalities and leadership styles. Things were getting messy and miscommunicated. One of the ways we worked to fix the problem was by taking the DISC assessment.

The results allowed us to understand ourselves better. I was able to put into words how my mind worked in certain situations and why I lead in the way that I do. It also allowed me to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the leaders I worked with.  We utilized everyone’s strengths to grow our business and team.

I have seen personality tests in the workplace increase communication,  productive meetings, specify hiring needs, and ease difficult conversations. It also opens doors for accountability and conflict resolution.

Other personality tests that I’ve used in the business are Myers Briggs Test and the Gallup Assessment. All tests have provided helpful insight. I recommend researching each one to see what will benefit you and your team in the best way.

Better Understand Your Relationship

Personality tests can also help you better understand your relationship.

One of the best things Chris and I did before we got married was take a personality test in pre-marital counseling. I covered our strengths and weaknesses, communication styles, and how we react to difficult conversations. The results gave us a better understanding of the other person’s perspective.

We also read  The 5 love languages which I highly recommend for any relationship. Even if you are single! If you know your love language it will help guide you in your dating life.

The personality test and love language book gave us tools and resources to start our marriage on a healthy foot. I believe if you can effectively communicate and understand your partner’s point of view, it will make conflict easier.

Better Understand Yourself

Last, but not least, personality tests help you better understand yourself.

Have you ever wondered why you think or react a certain way? Or have you struggled to put into words what you’re thinking? I know I have. It can be quite frustrating and confusing at times. These tests and assessments can help you put words to the way you are thinking, communicating, or reacting.

I have loved learning more about my personality over the years. It helps me see my strengths so I can grow my confidence personally and professionally. It also explains my weakness so I can learn and grow from them.

My favorite personal tests are the Enneagram and Gallup Assessment.

Things to Remember

The benefits of personality tests are not a tell-all of who you, your partner, or your employees are. People don’t always fit into a box. There have been some tests I’ve taken that are super accurate in one area and way off in another. These tests are simply a tool you can use to get a better understanding of different personality types. Use the results as a guide and then go on a deeper level of self-discovery or getting to know your partner or employees.

If you are wondering what my personality types are you can find them below!

  • Myers Brigg: I am either an ISFJ (The protector), ISFP (The composer), or the INFJ (The counselor). I’ve taken the test a few times over the years and these are the different results I’ve had.
  • Enneagram: I’m a 2 (The helper) with wings 8 (The challenger) and 9 (The peacemaker).
  • Gallup Assessment: Relator, developer, adaptability, responsibility, and positivity.
  • DISC Assessment: CS (Compliant and Steady)

I want to know what tests you’ve taken and what your results are! Comment below 🙂


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