Wake Me Up Smoothie Recipe

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My Favorite Smoothie Recipe

I love drinking smoothies. They are so refreshing and a great way to pack a bunch of veggies and fruits into one meal. Almost every morning I start my day with my “wake me up” smoothie. It is packed full of fiber, greens, fat, and protein. Drinking this smoothie gives me a boost of energy, mentally puts me on track for eating healthy the rest of the day, and it keeps me full for four to five hours. Plus it’s delicious and simple to make.

I base my smoothie recipe on Kelly LeVeque’s “Fab Four diet”. Every meal you eat should contain fat, fiber, greens, and protein.  I highly recommend reading her book, Body Love. It explains how food affects your body and mind. She has over 30 smoothie recipes and meal recipes. However, you don’t have to use her recipes. Just be aware of what ingredients are in your meals and smoothies.

Green Smoothie Ingredients

What do I need to make the smoothie? It’s super simple to make, you gather the following ingredients and blend them all together using milk. You can adjust the amount of milk you use to get your desired thickness. Start with less milk and add more.

You will need the following:

  • Nutribullet or Blender
  • Spinach – This is your greens! You can use fresh spinach or frozen. I personally buy spinach in bulk at Costco or Sams’s and put it in the freezer.
  • Blueberries – Again, use fresh or frozen berries. I buy it in bulk and put it in the freezer.
  • Chia seeds – This will be your fiber.
  • Coconut oil – This is your fat
  • Protein Powder – You can use your preferred choice of protein powder. I used to use Muscle Milk but since I switched to soy/dairy-free products I use Orgain Organic Powder
  • Almond milk

I recommend using at least one frozen ingredient. If you only have fresh, then add a few ice cubes. Please note, adding ice can make your smoothie watery. You can also add collagen powder to your smoothie for additional health benefits.

How to Blend the Smoothie

Spinach. Berries of your choice. Chia seeds. Coconut oil. Protein Powder. Almond milk

You are going to ass one and a half or two cups of spinach to your blender or nutribullet.


Then add 1/4 cup of blueberries. I use frozen blueberries but you can use frozen or fresh. Also, if you don’t like blueberries, feel free to swap the berries for strawberries or whatever you prefer.


Add one tablespoon of chia seeds and coconut oil.

Chia seeds and Coconut oil

Add one or two scoops of protein powder.

Protein powder

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Then add one or two cups of unsweetened almond milk.

Almond Milk

Shake it up and blend it together.

Wake me up Smoothie

There you have it! My favorite breakfast is green smoothie. I promise if you drink this consistently you will notice a boost in your energy and overall refreshed.

Comment below if you’ve tried it or your favorite smoothie recipes!


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